Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Beginner Brocanteur

Crafting this new life has started in much the same way I once treasure hunted for fun; trawling through dusty and crammed little places, searching for that one piece of discarded history that 'spoke' to me. Sometimes that voice was LOUD, and occassionally it was nothing more than a whisper, tickling at the edges of my mind....a tingle that told me there was treasure in here, hidden, forgotten in a corner.

This new life of mine, here in the country, is a real thing, a spark, already formed, but awaiting its body...and its tiny voice is telling me to keep going....not give up on my little brocante, my Garage store.

I struggle to write this blog because I am unsure still of my direction, but the tiny voice of my dream tells me to keep pushing. Thank goodness for dreams. Without them, nothing would ever be achieved.

I have been reading a lot of books by other people who also crafted their own lives...some from absolute rock bottom, others because their Dream Voice got too loud to ignore. And in those stories I see my own developing. Its exciting, but I am so impatient!  I know my skills are on point. I know my style is admired. I know its what I want my life to feel like, and look like. I know I have the support of a wonderful life partner. All that stops me is self doubt. So, I read another person's journey, continue to find things which will become part of my story and the quest for a life as a curator of the forgotten bumps along. I wonder when I will write my own "This Is How I Did It" story? Bring it on!

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