Friday, March 31, 2017

Feeding Your Hunger

Are you, like me, hungry for a handmade life? Where every decision is based around you, and YOUR needs? Where your home, and your family are first in line? When every day feels like the first day of a holiday....filled with the promise of adventures? Yes?
Well, I'd like to know what's stopping you? No, honestly. What is it?
A job you simply CAN'T leave? A partner who feels differently? Fear of failing? Fear of succeeding? Kids take all your time and energy?
You know, I've been there. All of those reasons have stopped me. But....actually, not stopped...delayed is probably a more accurate word....because I never STOPPED. I just waited. Because my dream has always been stronger than any fear. It just waited, patiently, for my life to catch up with it. Job? Get so stressed and ill that it's either leave, or drop dead. Partner? He'll drop off the vine or get on board....whichever happens first. Failure? Meh. Success? Ha! Kids? They grow up eventually. And soon, its just you....and that stubborn, persistent dream. Still a cat waiting for dinner. Calm. Implacable. Unmoving.
You really have zero choice. All the reasons (excuses) are gone. Its staring at you. Unblinking. Daring you to ignore it. Knowing you must give in at some point.
So, give in. Your days on earth are finite, and following a dream is probably the BEST way of spending them. Let's jump! Together. 3...2...1!!!!!

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