Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Following Your Dreams.

Today I re-launched the little studio store of my dreams, after which this blog is named. Doing this with zero cash flow means I will have to take it super slowly, but that's okay.  While I am waiting for customers to stream in, I can write, and that too has been a dream of mine.
Living a life in which you are in total control of the directions that you take, is true freedom. Now I know that the only reason I have this freedom is down to having a partner who funds our life, and that if were not so blessed I would have to work at a job that paid me a living wage, and follow my dreams outside of those working hours.
Not everyone is as lucky as I am. However, I  do believe that if you are willing to work super hard at your dream, and continue to fund the dream by working elsewhere, until you can finally live without a 'job', then you SHOULD.

Too many people push their dreams down and end up never persuing them because they think that to do so is childish, selfish or unimportant.  But your life is being wasted unless you put some personal magic back into it. Yes,  contribute....yes, raise babies, run corporations, donate and help others, but not at your own cost!

Following your dreams will make more of your Self, and therefore adding that little bit better value to what you give out. At least, thats why I am doing it.

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