Friday, January 27, 2017

Home: A Happiness Project

Times are changing.  They are scary times.  They are depressing times.  There seems to be a force field of negativity around every aspect of the known world. Our world leaders stand as relics of eras we thought we had left behind. They cling to old ideas and discarded viewpoints, only to hold grimly to what illusory power it temporarily gives to them.  Still living in the Land of Reichs.  It will not be stood for.
I guess that this is nothing new, and it's been scary, depressing and negative before in our shared history, but somehow, being the types of people we are....children of Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers....we have more power at our disposal than our parents had.  A power to implement genuine change. The ability to rally without leaving our homes; to network with others of the same mindsets, To lobby with nothing more than a mobile phone.  This is truly powerful.
The internet, with it's social networks - much larger and broader in scope than the ones our parents had, with instant links to the reality of what is happening in lands far away, as well as in our own cities - provides us with the full knowledge of events, as they are happening; a tool to join with others, to pass the knowledge on, to unravel the web of silence that businesses, governments and social miscreants have used for YEARS to hide behind.
There are video streaming platforms ad infinitum, so that as one is shut down, another takes its place....there is a fluid 'structure' like Anonymous, where you can ask for help from a genius and your small world is suddenly filled with allies.  This is power.  This is a wonderful safety net for the disenfranchised.  To know that, no matter where you are, or what your issue, there are everyday super heroes ready to step in, step up and kick bum for you.  The outer world WILL start changing for the better, because too many people are fighting for that for it to fail, so we all need to ensure our Personal lives are ready for it. And this is why we must set in place our own Home Happiness Project.

Its easy enough to do.  You ensure that you make your home a sanctuary.  You keep your address private.  You create places to sit outside, privately, and relax - spots for both hot and cold, or wet and dry weather.  You have gardens, or pots filled with beautiful to look at, nourishing to eat or beautiful to smell plants.  If you have the room, you do all three. You keep the inside of your home clean, neat and fresh.  You have comfy chairs rather than sexy looking have the best mattress you can afford so you sleep well at night, and wake rested.  You watch less news, and more comedy on television.  You read more.  Or if reading isn't your thing, get books on CD and rest, whilst listening to wonderful stories.  You eat delicious food, fresh from your garden if you can, or bought from a local market. You drink water.  You change your job, or change your hours, or determine that you will alter your attitude to your job so that work is no longer a dirty word.  If it makes you unhappy, change it.  Every day must have more positive than negative, and the Happiness Project is all about getting to that point.

When I say it is easy to do, I mean the steps are easy, but the changes that these steps may induce can be difficult.  If you are a control freak, it might be hard to relax.  If you think that knowing the news of the day keeps you well informed, then you may have trouble switching it off.  If you are a style snob, a comfy chair may make you cringe.

I understand how hard it can be at first, but I also know how delightful it is to live without the genuine stress these seemingly small things add to your days. To do work that fills you, rather than depleting you.  Even if it earns you less monetarily, it gives you more in satisfaction, free time and joy.  And by making your personal environment as calm, as relaxed and as stress free as possible you will pass on good vibes, be able to strongly protest that which hurts others, and help create the world we all wish for.  A world that allows people to be who they are without persecution, a world where the wrongs of the past are owned up to, a world where no one can cause harm without being made to attone for it.  A world where creativity is encouraged, hard work is validated in more ways than with money being thrown at it, where women can do anything they want to, just as men can.  Where you can publicly engage, yet privately rejuvenate.  A world filled with strong, relaxed and happy people doesn't vote for a man like Trump.  His election is a real wake up call from The Universe.  His world, and the world we see around us now is not a world I want for my future grandchildren.

So, if you're interested in how to develop your own version of The Happy Home Project, stick with me, and I'll guide you.  It'll be like going for a hike with a young labrador....I'll stray off occasionally and sniff sticks for a while, but it will be fun.  I promise.

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