Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Taking Your Time

A creative soul can't really be rushed. Its almost cruel to do so. When your mindset is in the zone of ethereal thoughts, interpretation of random ideas and dreaming, a call to arms or a time frame is just too much like harnessing a wild horse....
Hence why creative businesses are so often seen struggling to have good business practice. These two sides  of a coin rarely live inside the one person. At least, not at the same time!

This is why I am 'taking my time' to be both. I'm allowing my creative side the freedom to create and dream, and my practical side just butts in during the rare moments I recognise the NEED to make a living.

Plus I thank the Universe every day for my gorgeous man and his good job, plus his total, never ending support of me, his flighty passionate wife. Support like this is very often the most important aspect of a creative's ability to function.

Having a creative space, I find, is also essential. I can leave the mundane world of dishes, dirty floors and doing our washing behind me, and walk over to my studio where everything is geared toward this beautiful life I've dreamed of since I was twelve. Stone walls, lush garden, old wares, jazz playing and me, styling. Writing. Photographing. Dreaming. Lucky enough to have physical distance between 'real' life and creativity, I can focus on one without the other coming between us.

I also have a Work Day. From ten in the morning until three in the afternoon, three days a week, I go to  the studio. Its Work. I dress for Work. I spray Chanel on myself. I put in my diamond studs, so I feel professional. I can still incorporate my pets into this work day, I can water our vegetables...but I ensure that I write. I develop an online presence. I style. I plan my week. I prepare photo shoots.
And when three o'clock comes, I turn off my laptop, switch off the lights and lock the door until ten o'clock the next morning.

I may have not changed the world in those five hours, but I have been fully engaged in the process of changing my own small part of it. And, really, isnt that how the bigger world changes? One creative, happy soul at a time?

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